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Because of who we serve, and our mission to support the underrepresented in the IT field, we find it extremely important that who we support can see themselves performing excellence in the IT field. This will boost confidence in knowing that they aren’t alone in this area. This isn’t an attempt to divide, but provide a proven solution that will lead to even more equity in the IT field.
Recruiting underrepresented teachers of color to teach in the field of Information Technology (IT) is essential for promoting diversity and inclusion in the industry. Despite the growing demand for IT professionals, there is a significant lack of diversity in the sector. Many organizations are struggling to recruit and retain qualified employees from underrepresented communities, which can lead to a lack of diversity in both the workforce and the educational institutions that train the next generation of IT professionals.

By hiring more teachers of color in IT programs, we can help to close this gap and provide students from underrepresented backgrounds with the necessary support and guidance to succeed in the field. To attract more teachers of color to the IT field, schools, and organizations can take a variety of steps. One approach is to develop targeted recruitment programs that focus on underrepresented communities. This can involve partnering with local community organizations, business fairs in diverse neighborhoods, and offering scholarships and other incentives to encourage people from underrepresented groups to pursue careers in IT education. In addition, schools can provide support and mentorship for new teachers of color, including professional development opportunities and networking events. By creating a more diverse and inclusive environment in IT education, we can help to ensure that the next generation of IT professionals reflects the rich diversity of our society.

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Become A DBH Teacher

Your onboarding process begins the day you accept your offer from Digital Brilliance Hour (DBH). The first step will be going over the course materials and getting in touch with the lead teachers. In the following weeks, you will receive training, download the required programs, familiarize yourself with our curriculum, and learn how to break down the material so that you can teach the students. Completion of our onboarding assures you're ready to teach our courses, provide a fun and informative learning environment, and assist students with their projects.

What we expect from you:

  • Flexibility to be able to adjust to situations that aren't planned.
  • Being able to simplify the course to be able to teach our youth.
  • To be active on the Slack App to stay informed of what's going on.
  • Ask questions if you are stuck or unsure of something.

What to expect from us:

  • Guided training
  • We will be here to answer any questions that you might have
  • A fun learning environment
  • Weekly sync meeting to be held during the workshop

DBH training will prepare you to teach our curriculum for our gaming or music programs. We have numerous courses that we provide for our students. Our training involves you having to go through the material on your own and we provide you with a teaching manual and support from your leads to prepare you to be successful. It will involve a hybrid of self-guided and live online training.
Our workshops are 12 weeks, with the first 6 weeks being for the teachers to teach the courses. The next 6 weeks will be spent building out group projects. We offer both in-person and remote opportunities. Pay rates range from $15 - $25 an hour. 

What you will need:

  • Download the DBH setup
  • Download and join our slack channel
  • Stay in contact with team leads
  • Attend meetings related to the workshop you’re teaching in.